Mars 51g : product specifications

Country of Origin : The Netherlands

Shelf Life : 12 months

Sizes Available : 51 gm

Ships To : Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Shipping Info : 40 ft Container – 1200 Cases

A Mars chocolate bar is a pleasure that you can’t measure.

A delicious infusion of nougat and caramel covered in, Mars gives you a reason to feel good in every bite. With a thin crispy chocolate layer on top, Mars can be enjoyed as part of a balanced healthy lifestyle. No wonder, a bar of Mars chocolate is sure to make your day.

And, the responsibility of bringing this fun element to your everyday life lies with Treasure IslandsTM – the largest importer and supplier of Mars chocolate in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia regions. Backed up by ethical work style, 5M GLOBAL LTDTM matches the highest quality of industry standards. By adopting innovative techniques in the field of procurement and distribution, they have bridged the gap between the principal and consumers.

5M GLOBAL LTDTM, a prominent wholesale importer and distributor of Mars chocolates in the Middle East has been leading from the front since 2009. With a wide network of contacts and a robust logistics network, it is a little wonder that 5M GLOBAL LTDTM is regarded as one of the top Mars distributors in UK.

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